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Healthy heart

Application used to log blood pressure measurement and control of therapy.

This application combines everything what's best in blood pressure loggers with therapies management. Such approach can bring great benefits, especially for those who care for their health systematically. Application allows you to create a set of all sorts therapies which are used to fight hypertension. These may be drugs, exercise, proper diet, or anything else - therapy system is fully user-definable. Built-in reminder system and easy way of scheduling of therapies allows You to monitor the progress of treatment. After some time from the chart that combines of blood pressure values and therapies progress, You will be able to see which therapies that You used, helped You improve your health.

Available on Google play

Values that can be stored:
  • pressure
  • pulse
  • place of pressure measurement
  • position of the patient in the course of the pressure measurement
  • weight
  • more information
Main advantages:
  • customizable pressure logging screen (which allows you to keep only those fields that are used)
  • facilitates the rapid entering of measurement values
  • possibility of displaying the current therapy on the logging screen
  • clear history logs (with lots of graphics)
  • complex but intuitive system to create and monitor therapies
  • reminds about therapies
  • line graph that shows pressure, pulse, weight and progress of therapy
  • bar chart that shows the exact distribution of pressure and pulse
  • pie chart that shows the distribution of blood pressure according to WHO standard
  • all graphs have definable time frame and displayed values
  • possibility of saving charts as image (png format) on SD card
  • possibility of exporting data to an SD card or email
  • possibility of importing data from an SD card

Available on Google play